Strange Happenings At CET!

By Paul Homewood


Yesterday I reported on the CET figures for June, which showed a mean temperature of 16.5C, making it the 10th warmest on record.


It has been pointed out today that the Met Office are now reporting a figure of 16.1C, which puts it into a tie for 18th place.




As the monthly figure was not published when I posted, I simply took the daily figures and averaged.

But the peculiar thing is that the Met Office was already reporting 16.4C on the 29th. The final day of the month was 19.3C, so that figure could only go up:



Figures are always provisional during the month, but I have never known them to be more than 0.1C out.

Whether the original numbers were in error, or whether the latest version is wrong, we will have to wait and see.

But, assuming the latest figures are right, here is the corrected chart:






I have just reworked the average from the daily totals, here, and it still comes to 16.5C!

I have emailed Tim Legg, who maintains the CET series for comment.


July 3, 2018 at 06:15AM

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