Met weather claims sound like hot air

By Paul Homewood



Booker has fun with the Met Office today:


Met weather claims sound like hot air

There have been serious question marks over the eagerness of the Met Office (invariably echoed by the BBC) to claim that some day, month or year has been the “hottest ever recorded”. And no one has been more assiduous in providing a reality check to these claims than Paul Homewood, via his Notalotofpeopleknowthat blog.

Repeatedly he has proved to be rather more rigorous in checking out the Met Office’s own voluminous weather archives than the Met Office itself. The most notorious example was its much-touted claim that July 1 2015 was the “hottest July day ever recorded”. Homewood soon discovered that the source for this was a thermometer next to a runway at Heathrow airport showing the temperature briefly spiking up to 98F (36.7C). No other weather stations nearby showed a reading anything like so high. While the Met Office defended its reading, it seemed the “record” could have been due only to a blast of heat from a passing airliner.

Unsurprisingly, in this year’s recent warmth, the Met Office (and the BBC) has been at it again. When it claimed that the UK had seen its “hottest May ever”, Homewood suggested this was unlikely, since the record for England alone showed May 2018 to have been only the 18th warmest since 1659. When, on June 28, the Met Office trumpeted that Motherwell had registered “the hottest temperature ever recorded in Scotland”, 90F (32.2C), Homewood ascertained from the Met Office the coordinates of its weather station. Google Earth showed that its thermometer was on a Tarmac car park, which breaks the rule that they must be 100ft away from such temperature distortions. The nearest weather station, 10 miles away, recorded a temperature of 85F (29.4C).

No sooner had Homewood published this than the Met Office withdrew its claim, admitting that its reading might have been affected by “a parked car nearby, left with its engine running”.


The Met Office will no doubt bleat about the unfairness of it all, and remind us how they diligently checked it all out.

But I can guarantee that they won’t explain why they are still using a thermometer in such a blatantly unsuitable position, or whether they were even aware of the fact.


July 8, 2018 at 04:49AM

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