“Intense” cold and snow in Brazil

Snow with intensity in ‘Serra Catarinense’ – In São Joaquim, Urubici and Urupema (South Brazil)
At least eight municipalities recorded snow during dawn on Tuesday, the 10th. Snow began to form mainly in the upper part of the Serra Catarinense during the early hours of the morning in the interior of São Joaquim (Cruzeiro Valley), Urupema (Morro das Antenas), Bom Jardim da Serra (Morro da Igreja) and Urubici New World where the intensity of Snow was greater and there was accumulation that remained until during the dawn.

The cities where the snow occurred were:

  • São Joaquim (Vale do Cruzeiro)
  • Bom Jardim da Serra (Morro da Igreja and Mirante da Serra)
  • Urupema (Morro das Antenas)
  • Urubici (New World)
  • Lauro Müller (Serra do Rio do Rastro)
  • Rio Rufino (Interior high parts)
  • Bom Retiro (Interior high parts)
  • Orleans (Near Stone)

Epagri Ciram warning note:
“Attention: intense cold and ample frost in SC”
SC Forecast: Intense cold in all regions, with a low temperature of 2 ° C to -5 ° C and wide frost in the high areas of the West, Midwest, South and North Plateau, and isolated frost in the Upper Vale do Itajaí and Florianópolis mountain .




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July 10, 2018 at 03:18PM

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