Pruitt leaves ‘a positive legacy’

Scott Pruitt, who lost his job as head of the Environmental Protection Agency last week after a flood of complaints and investigations regarding his conduct and ethics, nevertheless accomplished a great deal to institute needed reforms at the agency and roll back harmful and counterproductive over-regulation.

Whatever you think of how Pruitt conducted himself personally, he leaves a positive policy legacy behind from his tenure at EPA. Deputy Administrator Andrew Wheeler – who becomes EPA acting administrator Monday – seems sure to continue and build on these achievements.

Let’s get one thing clear. Despite the claims of Democrats and environmental extremists who regularly demonize those of us who believe in evidence-based regulation, limited government and the free enterprise system, we all want a clean and healthy environment – Pruitt, Wheeler and other Republicans included.

But since its inception during the Nixon administration, EPA has been a mess – corrupt, incompetent and disdainful of science. Pointing out its many failings and calling for reforms does not make critics like me anti-environment, or make us opposed to clean air and water. It makes us proponents of good government and the wise use of taxpayer dollars.

The reality is that EPA has been a bureaucratic cesspool for decades. Policy by policy and decision by decision, EPA has damaged our nation’s competitiveness, ability to innovate and capacity to create wealth.

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via The Global Warming Policy Forum (GWPF)

July 10, 2018 at 04:19AM

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