46th Hottest June On Record

The NOAA web site says June. 2018 was third warmest on record in the US.

The un-tampered NOAA data shows that afternoon temperatures were 30th warmest, and not much above average.


The percent of days above 35C (95F) was 46th highest. Pretty close to average.

But minimum temperatures (which have been going up rapidly since the year 2000) were second warmest.

The average daily temperature range plummeted to record lows around the year 1990, and has remained there.

So what is causing minimum temperatures to go up since the year 2000?  I don’t know, but since the year 2000, NOAA has lost almost a third  of their June station data.

Moorhead, Mississippi is a good example of a station which is showing cooler June afternoons and warmer June nights.

via The Deplorable Climate Science Blog


July 12, 2018 at 07:05AM

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