Claim: Climate Change Contributed to Children Being Trapped in the Thai Cave Flood

Claim: Climate Change Contributed to Children Being Trapped in the Thai Cave Flood

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

My climate journalism model suggested the attempt to link the tragedy in Thailand to climate change was inevitable.

Flooding in Thai cave reflects climate change as wet season gets wetter

By Kendra Pierre-Louis
12 July 2018 — 4:37pm

By now, it’s well known that their predicament was caused by rising floodwaters in the cave. What is less known is that the pattern of precipitation that ensnared them is in keeping with broader changes to the region’s seasonal monsoon that researchers have attributed to climate change.

No one is suggesting that climate change itself was responsible for trapping the boys in the cave.

But what has changed in recent years is that those wet periods have been wetter.

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Those children were trapped because some idiot led them into a dangerous cave system in Wet Season, not because of Western CO2 emissions. In my opinion it is shameful but predictable that a mainstream Western journalist would think it appropriate to trivialise the suffering of those Thai children, to promote their climate cause.

Although all the children were thankfully rescued, there was a fatality. Former Thai Navy Seal Saman Kunan died during the desperate effort to maintain oxygen levels in the cave while the children were still trapped.

via Watts Up With That?

July 12, 2018 at 08:03PM

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