Record late snowpack in Greenland – Millions of shorebirds starving

More than 3 feet (about 1 meter) of snow remains on the ground.

15 July 2018 – Millions of shorebirds usually descend on the Arctic during the first half of June to mate and raise their young. But this year, summer has not arrived.

Instead, a record late snowpack has sealed the birds off from food and nesting sites.

When Jeroen Reneerkens, an avian ecologist at the University of Groningen, arrived on June 14 this year at Zackenberg Station in northeastern Greenland to survey sanderlings, he found they had nowhere to construct their nests. “The tundra was 100 percent covered in snow, and it was a very deep layer,” said Reneerkens, who estimated an average depth of about one meter. “It was a big shock to see the place like that,” he added.

The few shorebirds he did encounter “were just starving,” said Reneerkens.

Other researchers across the Arctic are also reporting unusually late snowmelt this year.

Record Late Snowpack: “A Year Without A Summer” for Greenland’s Shorebirds

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