Why Climate Alarmists Are Not Really Interested in Humans or the Environment

Despite what you may have read from the Climate-Industrial Complex (CIC), especially their sympathizers in the mainstream press, burning fossil fuels helps everyone except the non-competitive renewable energy industry climate alarmists promote. Increases in carbon dioxide (CO2) have no significant effect on temperatures in the real world or on the frequency of extreme weather events. Burning fossil fuels means that consumers have cheaper, more reliable sources of energy than using solar and wind, plants have have easier access to one of their essential nutrients and grow better and stronger, releasing oxygen needed by humans and other animals.

Burning fossil fuels releases energy stored in the fuels long ago in ways that help humans improve their standard of living by supplying cheap, reliable energy as well as helping present day plants by supplying the CO2 they need for photosynthesis. Arguing that fossil fuels should be left in the ground, as many climate alarmists do, disregards these double benefits which would be lost if the fuels are actually left in the ground.

So we need to use more, not less, fossil fuels to help both humans and plants. Those who argue otherwise cannot reasonably be said to be helping either humans or the environment. They are rather the enemies of both humans and plants by trying to limit the use of energy by making energy more expensive and unreliable, thus less useful in improving productivity and better satisfying the needs of humans and the growth of plants.

via Carlin Economics and Science


July 20, 2018 at 11:11PM

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