UK’s Hot Summer Linked To Cold Atlantic

By Paul Homewood

I reported last week that many experts believe this summers persistently anti cyclonic, and therefore hot, weather in the UK is inextricably tied in with a large pool of abnormally cood water in the mid Atlantic.
Step forward Joe Bastardi to show how it all knits together:

From Patriot Post:

I sit in stunned amazement over the complete lack of intellectual curiosity to look at other ideas. And for those who do, I’m stunned that they don’t bring up the obvious counterarguments. We all know and understand CO2 feedback ideas as to why the planet is warming. I have stated countless times that I see the argument, but the very nature of the entire system overwhelms it. At least I go look.

The Europe heat wave attribution to man-made climate change is the same kind of nonsense we saw with the hot dry summers of 2010-12 (and it’s showing up again where and when it gets hot everywhere around the planet). Still, on the bright side, it gives me a chance to show what we know and how we use it in our job!

Let me propose something for our Euro friends here.

Atlantic sea surface temperatures have undergone two major transitions. The first is the huge drop in the northwest Atlantic from 2012.

Read the rest of Joe’s post here:


August 2, 2018 at 04:09PM

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