Is your energy supply vegan?

By Paul Homewood


The mind boggles!


We’re more conscious than ever about the impact our buying choices have on the planet. But the energy industry still hides a secret about how it uses animals in its energy production.

You’ve got a right to know how your energy is made, so you can choose a supplier that fits your principles. Here’s everything you need to know about vegan energy, and how to switch to an animal-free supplier.

What is vegan energy?

Vegan energy is the production of electricity or gas that doesn’t involve the use of animals or animal by-products.

There are two main sources of non-vegan energy generation in the UK: anaerobic digestion (AD), and biomass. Both AD and biomass energy production can contain by-products of animal farming – like factory-farmed livestock, slaughterhouse waste, fish parts, and animal slurry.

While energy providers are required by Ofgem to declare the fuel mix of the energy they supply, there’s no obligation to declare whether animals are used in its production.

What’s the difference between green energy and vegan energy?

Green energy is the production of electricity or gas through renewable sources, in place of traditional fossil fuels. Green energy is produced by harnessing power from solar, wind, wave and tidal sources.

But just because an energy supply is green, it doesn’t make it vegan.

Many green energy companies, like Good Energy, Bulb, and Octopus, supply electricity that’s been generated using animals or animal by-products.

List of UK energy suppliers who use animal by-products in their fuel supply.


Do vegans really object to burning poo?


August 5, 2018 at 06:45AM

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