Pipeline Fury: Alberta Withdraws from Canada’s National Climate Plan

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

Premier Rachel Notley has just announced Alberta’s withdrawal from Federal carbon pricing, though she plans to keep the state carbon tax.

Premier Rachel Notley pulls Alberta out of federal climate plan over Trans Mountain ruling

‘Albertans are angry, I am angry,’ premier says of Thursday’s federal court ruling

CBC News · Posted: Aug 30, 2018 1:34 PM MT | Last Updated: August 31

In a dramatic announcement Thursday evening, Premier Rachel Notley said she is pulling Alberta out of the national climate-change plan to protest a federal court ruling that quashed expansion of the Trans Mountain pipeline.

“Albertans are angry, I am angry,” Notley said in reaction to the ruling that stalled a project her government has spent major political capital to advance. “Alberta has done everything right, and we’ve been let down.”

Notley blamed both the current federal government and the previous one for creating a situation she said has made it “practically impossible” to build a pipeline to tidewater in a country with more coastline than any other on Earth.

“Now, more than ever, we need to come together and prove to ourselves and to the world that our country works,” Notley said. “This ruling is bad for working families. And it is bad for the economic security of our country.”

Canada can’t accept that the only market for its oil and gas resources is in the United States, Notley said.

“No other country on Earth would accept this, and Canada shouldn’t either, especially when we are doing it to ourselves. It is ridiculous.

Money that should be going to Canadian schools and hospitals is going to American yachts and private jets. We’re exporting jobs, we’re exporting opportunity, and we are letting other countries control our economic destiny. We can’t stand for it.”

The premier said the decision reached Thursday has no impact on Alberta’s own climate-change plan, or on the carbon tax her government introduced on Jan. 1, 2017, and raised a year later. But her declaration that Alberta plans to pull out of the federal climate change plan leaves proposed future carbon tax increases in doubt.

Read more: https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/edmonton/alberta-jason-kenney-political-reaction-rachel-notley-kinder-morgan-pipeline-1.4805224

While its fun to watch the breakup of Canada’s Federal carbon pricing scheme, its utterly hypocritical that Premier Notley wants to keep her state carbon tax.

But Premier Notley is not the only Canadian climate hypocrite.

In May this year Prime Minister Trudeau compared climate “deniers” to supporters of female genital mutilation. But Trudeau himself supports fossil fuel exports – as Trudeau said in 2017, No Country Would Find 173 Billion Barrels Of Oil In The Ground And Just Leave Them.

Trudeau’s ridiculous effort to claim the climate moral high ground, to tax carbon while exporting all the fossil fuels they can dig up, is like a drug dealer who defends their sales on the basis that they are personally clean, that it is up to their customers to decide what they do with the drugs they buy.

Even the Alberta Trans Mountain pipeline court ruling does nothing to reduce CO2 emissions – that oil will still be pumped. Premier Notley is not saying she can’t sell her oil, her complaint is that the USA has Alberta over a barrel on oil prices, because Alberta doesn’t have enough pipeline capacity to ship the oil to other markets.

I personally believe anthropogenic CO2 emissions are harmless. Clearly many federal and state politicians in Canada must also believe on some level that CO2 emissions are harmless as well, or they wouldn’t allow up so much fossil fuel to be mined and exported. But those same Canadian politicians continue their ridiculous game of climate hypocrisy, pretending they care about CO2 emissions, imposing carbon taxes on their own people, insulting people who are honest about what they themselves clearly believe, while at the same time they preside over the export of all the fossil fuels they can dig up.

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August 31, 2018 at 04:01PM

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