August Goes Pear-Shaped, Dashing Warmist Hopes of a Record Summer

  It’s official: 2018 is only the 5th warmest summer on record in Central England, beaten by a full half a degree by 1976, closely followed by 1826, before we started belching out planet-destroying CO2. Glum faces all around at Warmist HQ. Good grief, we couldn’t even manage to beat 2003, the classic climate changed summer heatwave which Peter Stott got hold of to pioneer the uncontestable, irrefutable, empirical science of extreme weather attribution. It’s not good. We seem to be getting less and less bang for our buck, the more we pump CO2 into the atmosphere. I guessed the Met Office were disappointed this morning when they released this lame tweet: New information has come in and the top temperature of #Summer2018 is now 35.6C recorded on the 27th July at Felsham in #Suffolk ☀️ — Met Office (@metoffice) September 1, 2018 Translated, it meant ‘Damn, we’re going to have to report that Summer 2018 did not make it into the record books’. As of the time of writing, the Met Office have still not tweeted the bad news about summer 2018. Poor lambs. You have to feel sorry for them. UK figures still haven’t been released by […]

via Climate Scepticism

September 1, 2018 at 06:20AM

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