Sceptical Cli-Fi (1) Huckleberry Finn

Long before I discovered Cli Fi and wrote about it somewhere here (hope the WordPress bot picks it up) I’ve had the feeling that literature can help us understand the incredible fiction which is catastrophic man-made global warming. Ten years of frequenting warmists has convinced me of the truth of Ben Pile’s observation about the academic world which promotes this fantasy – that its essential quality is mediocrity. Something you normally only learn at an advanced age, but which young Ben has cottoned on to quickly, is that many people with quite high IQs are quite boringly stupid. The idea that sciency type people are lacking something gets expressed quite frequently, and in the sixties was the subject of a famous dispute between scientist/novelist C.P. Snow and literary critic F.R. Leavis , ably analysed in this 2013 article in the Guardian One of the meagre sixteen commenters to this excellent Guardian article boasts that in the nineties he managed to do a degree in English Literature without reading a word of either CP Snow or FR Leavis, which tells us something about university literature departments, or about Guardian readers, or both. Ben is right. (with apologies to a half […]

via Climate Scepticism

September 2, 2018 at 06:35PM

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