Fixing Australia’s Power Pricing & Supply Crisis Means Cutting Subsidies to Wind & Solar, Right Now

The last thing Australia needs is another MW of intermittent power generation, which means slashing subsidies to wind and solar, right now. Thankfully, the new Energy Minister, Angus Taylor is determined to do just that. Taylor’s shortest route home is to fix the power market dispatch rules, which give preference to intermittent wind and solar. Once upon a time, those rules required electricity generators to tell the grid manager when and how much power they intended to deliver, and over what time-frame. Demand was forecast in advance, based on seasonal variations, time-of-day and day of the week, with allowances made for extreme weather conditions, when the use of air conditioners (either for heating or cooling) would lead to spikes in demand. Supply was organised according to schedules to match forecast demand. Generators hoping to participate in the National Electricity Market were required to offer power according to scheduled demand, in a manner that would satisfy all power consumer’s needs. Then, along came wind power. With their output determined by the weather, wind power generators determined to rewrite the rules, they could never satisfy. After Kevin Rudd’s Labor government took power in 2007, the Renewable Energy Target was jacked up ten-fold […]


September 4, 2018 at 02:31AM

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