Bangkok Part Deux: “You’ll Get Nothing and Like It!”

Guest hit & run by David Middleton

This is sort of a sequel to Eric Worrall’s post on the Bangkok Blame Trump Climate Conference…

Rich Nations Vowed Billions for Climate Change. Poor Countries Are Waiting.

By Mike Ives
Sept. 9, 2018

HONG KONG — When industrialized nations pledged in 2009 to mobilize $100 billion a year by 2020 to help the poorest countries deal with climate change, it won over some skeptics in the developing world who had argued that rich nations should pay up for contributing so much to the problem.


The meeting in Bangkok of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change is a prelude to a larger one in December in Poland, where countries will try to set rules for carrying out the 2015 Paris climate accord.


The Green Climate Fund was designed to help developing countries prepare for climate disasters and develop low-fossil-fuel economies. It was part of a larger plan, led by Hillary Clinton, as secretary of state in 2009, to put together $100 billion a year for poor economies through a combination of government contributions and private investments.


The Obama administration delivered $1 billion of a $3 billion pledge to the program. But last year, Mr. Trump, while announcing plans to exit the Paris accord, said the United States would no longer pay into the Green Climate Fund.


NY Times

Note to Mr. Ives and the gaggle of Third World Climate Poverty Pimps in Bangkok… This “rich nation” didn’t promise you anything.  Barrack Hussein Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton promised you money… However, they never submitted any of those personal commitments to Congress for ratification as a treaty, enabling legislation or appropriations.  You only got the $1 billion because Obama was able to scrape it together from State Department discretionary funding.

Mr. Obama is now, thankfully, a former president and Ms. Clinton, THANKFULLY, got her @$$ kicked (winning only 19.5 States = @$$ kicked) in the 2016 election.  Send the bill to them.

Because President Donald J. Trump says…

Bonus Round

Southeast Asia is a case in point.

People who live in the Asia-Pacific region are “particularly vulnerable” to the effects of a changing climate, the Asian Development Bank said last year in a report, which projected Southeast Asia to be “most affected by heat extremes” in the wider area by the end of the century.


via Watts Up With That?

September 11, 2018 at 12:17PM

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