The Real Weather Control Knob

Before Barack Obama healed the planet in 2008, Air Force General Larry Stutzreim was the Air Force director of weather.

Weather and the Calculated Risk – Google Books

MAJOR GENERAL LAWRENCE A. STUTZRIEM > U.S. Air Force > Biography Display

I knew the weather director when he was at ASU in the 1970’s, where one of my best friends was his future wife. Candy Stapely was widely celebrated as the first woman accepted into the Air Force Academy (at least until they found out she wore contact lenses and booted her out.) In preparation for her USAFA physical, I used to take her out to the track every day and make her run a few miles.

06 Dec 1975, Page 49 – The Indianapolis Star at

The main reason Candy wanted to go to the Air Force Academy was because she wanted to marry a fly boy. Candy and Larry started dating around that time – and when he got cold feet a few weeks before the wedding, I took him out for a beer and convinced him to go through with it. (Last time I talked to Candy about 15 years ago, she was still blaming me for that.) I think (hope) that was the last time I gave anyone relationship advice.

This was all during the 1975 ice age scare, before global warming started causing extreme weather and flooding.

In those days global cooling was blamed for extreme weather. So what is a weather director supposed to do?

12 Jun 1975, Page 10 – The Ogden Standard-Examiner at

via The Deplorable Climate Science Blog

September 27, 2018 at 01:21AM

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