New Book – Climate Basics: Nothing to Fear

New Book – Climate Basics: Nothing to Fear

By Rod Martin, Jr

Afraid of the future? Don’t be. When we’re armed with the basic facts of climate, we can more easily spot the lies that the corrupt, corporate news media is trying to feed us. Some of those lies are huge.

This small book gives us everything the layman needs to know about climate science.

The warming alarmists attempt to frighten us with things like,
– Global warming will result in more violent storms.
– Global warming will give us more deserts and droughts.
– Global warming is dangerous.
– Carbon dioxide is driving our dangerous global warming.
– We urgently need to cool down the planet.
– Carbon dioxide is a dangerous pollutant.
– The future looks bleak unless we drastically reduce our “carbon footprint.”

This slender volume sets the record straight on all of the above issues.

There are concerns for the future, but none of these are it. And when we have real problems to face, it does no good to be fixing things that don’t need it.

Download for free here for a limited time. PDF, Ebook, Kindle formats

via Watts Up With That?

September 29, 2018 at 08:05AM

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