UK: ‘Near normal’ September follows record-breaking hot summer

Forecaster highlights the jetstream over the UK [image credit: BBC]

‘Record-breaking’ turns out to mean ‘as warm as three other UK summers’, but now things have calmed down. Probably just a temporary return to sanity until the next weather event, however unexceptional for the UK, gets the usual suspects agitated again.

The UK’s record-breaking hot summer was followed by a return to more typical weather in September, the Met Office has said.

Provisional figures show last month’s mean temperature across the country was 12.4C – safely below the all-time record for September of 15.2C, set in 2006, says BT News.

The average maximum temperature last month is estimated to have been 16.3C.
This was also well below the 2006 record of 19.2C.

Despite September seeing the first two named storms of the 2018/19 season, Ali and Bronagh, temperatures for the month were described by the Met Office as “near normal” and conditions as “fairly average”.

Storm Ali brought gusts of up to 91mph to Northern Ireland, Scotland, northern England and parts of north Wales.

It was followed a few days later by Storm Bronagh, which saw gusts of up to 78mph in parts of England and Wales.

Yet rainfall across the UK for the whole month was only slightly above the long-term average, at 103.6mm.

Continued here.

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October 2, 2018 at 11:28AM

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