Warning! Wind power warms local climate for next hundred years, needs 5 – 20 times as much land

It’s not often we see a report that turns things on their head quite like this.

Wind turbines may cause more local warming than global cooling in the next century.

Wind power could warm the United States by 0.24 degrees Celsius instead of cooling it, because wind turbines redistribute heat in the atmosphere. (That would be equivalent to two decades of recent warming.) Apparently this only matters if we try to use wind power as a major part of the decarbonizing plan.

At least 10 previous studies have now observed local warming caused by US wind farms. Keith and Miller compared their simulated warming to observations and found rough consistency between the data and model.

Nick Carne — Cosmos magazine

Think of these wind turbines as anti-fans — not pushing air, but slowing air –  fans cool us, so anti-fans warm us?

The new studies by Keith and Miller were published in Environmental Research Letters and Joule.

Major bummer. The power density of wind energy is up to *100 times* less than predicted.

Shame the US built 57,000 wind towers before they realized. The new research suggests we can’t put too many turbines to close together […]

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October 5, 2018 at 12:29PM

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