@EricHolthaus – new IPCC report calls for ‘…rigorous backing to systematically dismantle capitalism’

From “the stupid, it burns” department comes this very revealing statement (h/t to Dr. Roger Piekle Sr.) from Eric Holthaus, who’s apparently a socialist cheerleader:

He adds:

Source: Twitter

Such a mature, forward thinking, open-minded person Eric Holthaus is. /sarc

Here is his rationale:

Here is the IPCC Chapter4 text in a larger form:

Just a few reminders about Eric Holthaus and his credibility:


Then there was the flying debacle:

Then a year later, suddenly, flying is OK again.


In my opinion, Holthaus is overtly emotional, clueless, and has no critical thinking skills, as are many of the social justice warriors he pals around with.

My best advice to Eric Holthaus, and in fact all of the people in the IPCC that prepare these reports…


Then, if you survive, and can actually get past the border, come back and tell us why capitalism is so bad compared to that starving, filthy, pet-eating, totalitarian social paradise.

In the meantime, we can only pray that somebody will take his Twitter account away. IMHO, he’s a danger to himself and others.



via Watts Up With That?


October 9, 2018 at 11:31AM

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