The Evidence For AGW

By Paul Homewood


An interesting question posed by one if our readers, David Murdoch, which I thought I would throw open for comments:


Neither my father in law, who was a geography lecturer nor I, are convinced in the arguments around man made climate change and we both read some of Chris Booker’s articles and books
I also read your blog frequently. We are clearly in the minority and our arguments are drowned out.

So the thing that worries me is that if the science ‘evidence’ is not as strong as most think then why isn’t strong evidence brought forward to disprove it? If man made effects aren’t true then why don’t a load of serious scientists come out and say so? It just seems odd- and it’s making me doubt my beliefs?

Would appreciate your comments


Some of my initial thoughts:


  1. The topic of climate change is not a simple black and white one, and there are many areas where there is substantial disagrement among scientists. However the official party line pretends this is not the case.
  2. It is generally accepted that there has been some warming since the end of the little ice age in the 19thC. But how much is natural, and how much man made?
  3. The LIA is reckoned to be the coldest era since the ice age, so it is reasonable to assume that at least part of the warming since is natural.
  4. We also know that tempratures in the MWP were at least as high as now, and almost certainly higher in previous warm eras. So there is nothing unusual or unprecedented about current temps
  5. Much of the alarmist position relies on modelled projections of future temperature rise.  Yet these models have grossly overestimated current temperatures.
  6. The effect of warming is also an issue of much disagreement. Climate history tells us that extreme weather was just as bad in the past, but this is not the story alarmists peddle.
  7. This also feeds into the question of what effect future temperature rise might have.
  8. Climate science has been so politicised that proper debate is largely shut down, and dissenting scientists muzzled.



October 9, 2018 at 06:30AM

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