Unprecedented snowfall strands hundreds in Alberta town

Canmore, Alberta – Heavy snowfall, up to 60 cm (2 ft), resulted in nightmarish conditions on the highway, piles of vehicles winding up in the ditch and many more forced to turn around.

Unexpected guests were forced to stay overnight after the closure of the Trans Canada Highway on the evening of Oct. 2 from Dead Man’s Flats all the way past Lac Des Arcs.

A warming center was set up at the Canmore Collegiate High School, but there were not enough cots to accommodate everyone.

“I’m told a little over 300 people were there, and most of them spent the night,” said Mayor John Borrowman the following day.

“My guess is that the hotel rooms were largely full as well. There were a lot of travellers on the highway that were stranded here,” said Borrowman.

The unprecedented snowfall caused Canmore’s Emergency Operations Centre to come online to help deal with the crisis.


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October 12, 2018 at 07:49PM

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