German ‘Die Welt’: “1.5°C Target Appears Utopian”, No Longer Attainable…”Clock Ran Out Already Weeks Ago”

Daniel Wetzel at German national daily Die Welt here recently commented that limiting the warming to 1.5°C warming is utopian. That’s of course, assuming the man-made global warming theory is correct to begin with.

According Wetzel, time theoretically ran out long ago.

Wetzel wrote that despite all the controversy surrounding the IPCC report, one thing is clear: “It’s going to take trillions for the 1.5°C target . And without many veggie days, it’s not going to happen.”

The green urgency for a state of emergency

Even before the report was released to the public, environmentalists and climate activists had already made up their minds that humanity had one last chance to avert calamity. Profound wide-scale action would need to be taken. Green politicians and environmental activists are now demanding a declaration of a state of emergency, it seems. Theoretically however, the window in fact closed weeks ago.

Misrepresenting the report

For Germany, green-colored or shaded politicians and activists said the report confirms that Germany must exit coal power by 2025 at the latest. But Wetzel comments that many special interests are framing the report as something that it really isn’t:

Every lobbyist is taking out of the UN climate report what what appeals to them, and leave everything else aside.”

Clock stuck at 5 to 12, in fact ran out weeks ago

Wetzel comments that the urgent claims made by the Greens that there is still a small window of opportunity is “surprising” because according to the Mercator Research Institute’s (MCC) “CO2 countdown clock“, time already ran out 30 days ago even for the mid range scenarios, meaning the wasn’t supposed to emit anymore CO2. But Wetzel writes:

In the latest climate report, suddenly there’s 300 gigatonnes more. […] Indeed on in this manner does the world gain 7.5 years time for CO2 reductions, says Oliver Geden, a lead author for the next UN report.”

He cites Chapter C1.4, footnote no. 14 of the report.

A TRILLION dollars a year

According to Wetzel, the UN report also notes that between 900 billion and 1.8 trillion dollars would need to be invested every year from 2015 – 2050 to revamp the global energy system. This is a figure that even the richest nations are going run from.

Currently Germany’s Energiewende alone is costing Germany 34 billion euros annually. “Worse, there’s been no CO2 reduction in Germany in close to a decade. That’s some 300 billion euros for zero result. Wetzel adds that Germany has already reached its threshold of financial pain as electricity prices have soared to among the highest worldwide.

Wetzel points out severe “limitations in nutrition are needed”

The Die Welt economics journalist also writes that the German Greens forget to tell the public that it would be necessary to “commit some 8 million square kilometers of agricultural area to growing energy plants in order to reach the 1.5°C warming target.”

Moreover reaching the target would also require going much more without meat, whose production is energy and CO2 intensive. Overall, Wetzel writes, reaching the 1.5°C target “collides with the fight against poverty and hunger” and , if the theory is true, there’s no chance of reaching the 1.5°C target.


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October 13, 2018 at 07:33AM

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