No night and day in the models

Is that sane or rational?

No night and day in the models

By tomOmason

The basic premise of the IPCC is that CO2 warming heats all this world’s atmosphere catastrophically.

Just stand back and look at it objectively (and without bias).

The atmosphere with minimal CO2 of the late 1850 (end of the Little Ice Age) was one temperature, the temperature of the 2000 is warmer, by about 1°C, as the sun’s activity ramped up since 1850. The warming of the oceans, lakes, seas and the defrosting tundra all release a little CO2 over this time quite naturally, and so the atmospheric level rises by a very small amount (~0.016%).

As for CO2 ‘catastrophically warming the atmosphere’ — the atmosphere is a gaseous fluid body of many chemical constituents, but it is mostly (about 70%) nitrogen and oxygen (20%) — that’s 90% of the atmosphere. The greatest Infra red active (misnamed ‘greenhouse gas’) is water vapor which in many parts of the world are many percent of the atmosphere.

Now the IPCC says CO2 will dangerously overheat the world, with talk of CO2 levels at 0.03% as OK, but 0.04% and above spelling doom. The IPCC computer models show this to be true! But the computer model works with a simulated earth that is flat and is constantly in sunshine, and it maintains the CO2 activated 24/7 (there is no night and day in the models).

But is that sane or rational argument given all we know about this planet’s history?

Science and archeology have investigated much about the climate of the past. These studies show that CO2 levels have risen and fallen over time (rising 300-500 years after the planet starts to warm and as an effect of that warming, and then falling again well after the globe starts to cool) but at NO TIME can CO2 be shown to cause catastrophic warming. It has never, ever, happened, and it is not going to happen now.

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