Coastal Flooding? Blame It On Climate Change!

By Paul Homewood


What is it about climate change that makes otherwise perfectly sane, logical people lose their critical faculties?

Reader Paul Matthews has been having a twitter debate with this guy:



People have been living close to the sea since time immemorial, and if you live there you will inevitably run the risk of storms and floods. Yet to Michael Holder, these storms and floods = climate change.


Has he never heard of the catastrophic North Sea floods of 1953, which left more than 2000 people dead?



Maybe that was due to “climate change” too. So what about the Middle Ages?


DocFile (2)

HH Lamb – Climate, History and the Modern World

At least King Canute realised that we cannot hold back the tide, which is apparently more than Mt Holder does.


November 1, 2018 at 09:45AM

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