End-October snow in parts of France not seen since 100 years

De la neige dans la région en octobre? Historique!

It snowed a little this Saturday, October 27th. Without a doubt a first for a century!

Du jamais vu dans la région depuis au moins un siècle ! Les archives de Meteo-Paris qui recensent tous les phénomènes météo marquants en France depuis 2 siècles le confirmeent. Pas de traces de neige en octobre…

Never seen in the region for at least a century! The archives of Meteo-Paris, which list all the significant weather phenomena in France for 2 centuries, confirm this. No traces of snow in October.

The snow melted by Saturday afternoon. But the fact remains that it snowed – on October 27! Up to 2 to 3 cm in places. Especially around Fruges, Montreuil, Desvres, Le Touquet, Thérouanne …

Some photos taken in the Pas-de-Calais by fans of  their Facebook page : (You’ll need to scroll down a long way to see the photos.)


Chronicle of weather since 1850
(bis) French météo archive link

Thanks to D.R. in France for these links

“Thanks a lot for your blog,” says D.R.

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November 1, 2018 at 04:01PM

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