UK Emission Cuts “mostly a result of the decline of its manufacturing industries.”

By Paul Homewood



Silly Jilly’s been in trouble with the climate mafia recently!

She uncritically repeated claims by Claire Perry that Britain’s reducing carbon footprint was all to do with the war on coal and all of those wonderful renewables, courtesy of her climate policies:



The UK’s pursuit of cleaner power means the average Briton’s carbon footprint is now the smallest it has been since the coal-fuelled days of 1859, according to fresh research.

A decade after the UK legislated to tackle climate change the Government’s official figures have revealed that the UK is on track to rely on coal for less than 5pc of its electricity for the first time since Industrial Revolution.

In total the UK’s carbon emissions are the lowest they have been since 1890, according to analysis from Carbon Brief. But on a per person basis the last time the average carbon footprint was as small as it is today was thirty years before then in 1859.

“Coal is yesterday’s fuel,” said Claire Perry, the minister for energy and clean growth. “We’re proud to be leading the world when it comes to getting rid of it, well ahead of our 2025 target.”


Silly Jilly however was taken to task by Kevin Anderson, the eco-extremist from the Tyndall Centre:






In other words, as New Scientist explains:

What’s more, if you look at the actual emissions the UK is responsible for, rather than just the emissions from its territory, there’s been hardly any decline in recent decades, according to a recent tweet from Kevin Anderson of the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research. In other words, the UK’s apparent success in cutting emissions is mostly a result of the decline of its manufacturing industries.

Poor old Jilly was left lost for words during the subsequent twitter exchange:




Of course, observant readers will remember that I have been saying very similar things myself, that reduction in UK emissions has largely been driven by:

  • The dash for gas in the 1990s
  • Industrial decline

At least Kevin Anderson is honest enough to admit that we will all have to radically alter our lifestyles, if we are to drastically cut emissions. Which is more than can be said for Claire Perry.


November 2, 2018 at 08:00AM

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