Fabulous polar bear science book for kids now available in Dutch

Given my strong Dutch heritage through my maternal grandfather (via Middelharnis), I am especially proud to announce that the Dutch translation of my popular science book, Polar Bear Facts and Myths (suitable for children aged seven and up), is now available through Amazon worldwide in paperback.

Crockford FM cover Dutch Translation 2 Nov 2018_Final_2 inches

The translation was done by native Dutch speaker Marcel Crok who is a journalist and science writer in The Netherlands (see @marcelcrok on twitter). In Dutch the book is called Feiten en Mythes over IJsberen.

Please pass along to your friends, relatives, and colleagues in North America and abroad. The English version is still available in paperback and ebook formats, and the Norwegian translation will be available shortly. Other translations in French and German are already available.

Why this book is important

Children around the world have been led to believe that only a few hundred polar bears are left in the world. However, the relentless messaging that polar bears are doomed (and that this is all the fault of humans) is fortunately false. It is time that children learned the truth, including those that speak and read only Dutch.

Here is the good news the children need to hear: polar bears have not been driven to the brink of extinction by anthropogenic global warming. In fact, there are many more polar bears now than there were 50 years ago and the global population of polar bears is a healthy size, despite the fact that summer sea ice has been at levels predicted to cause catastrophe since 2007. Polar bears have managed just fine with low summer ice: against all expectations, their number have increased in recent years, not declined.

Polar Bear Facts & Myths is an uplifting science book about survival in the Arctic that is sure to please children and parents alike.

shutterstock_473571037 (2) purchased 3 November_smaller

Details below.


Titel: Feiten en Mythes over IJsberen: Een samenvatting voor alle leeftijden
Auteur: Susan J. Crockford
Vertaler: Marcel Crok
Datum van publicatie: 4 November 2018
ISBN: 978-1730787638
Aantal pagina’s: 44
Prijs: USD $12.99   €11.48

Dit prachtige, full colour boek legt op een eenvoudige manier uit waarom het uitstekend gaat met ijsberen ondanks een afname van ijs rond de Noordpool in de afgelopen jaren. Het is geschreven in de vorm van vragen en antwoorden, in taal die begrijpelijk is voor kinderen vanaf een jaar of 7, en gebaseerd op de meest actuele gegevens. Het boek kijkt op een nuchtere wijze naar de wetenschap over ijsberen, een aanpak die veeleisende lezers zal bevallen. Zowel kinderen als volwassenen zullen de prachtige foto’s kunnen waarderen.

In the US, order it here.

In Germany, order it here.

In the UK, order it here.

In France, order it here.


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November 5, 2018 at 02:30AM


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