A Conversation with Brandon R Gates about climate models

It bears repeating that the RCP8.5 scenario is clearly indicated on the plot, and that any honest truth-seeker with a pulse and half a brain could figure out on their own where to find the forward projection. But since Rog can’t even do a better hindcast, he picks bogeys and …

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I already showed it to you Brandon. So now let’s resume discussion of your “The data doesn’t know the future” objection to the solar data integration technique I employ to obtain a realistic replication of the effect of the sun on the high heat capacity overturning deep oceans.


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You are being tedious Rog. I have already rejected that model and given you reasons why. Which of my specifications for better explanation than CMIP5 do you not understand? To meet it you need an AOGCM with compatible outputs. Time to put up or shut up.

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Brandon R. Gates @brandonrgates
> I already showed it to you Brandon.
And I already rejected it, Rog. I’m the client looking for specific information. You either provide what I ask for or I send you packing as empty-handed as you came. For the Nth time, do better than the CMIP5 ensemble or get off my planet.

I asked you to link your objections before you went to bed. Maybe you missed the request. I can’t find them in the haystack of tweets over the last few days. With regards to your demand I use an AOGCM, I ask again, who’s paying? And another Question: 1/2

  1. 2/2 Considering the $$$billions of public money at stake, why have the ‘experts’ not already tried various scenarios with a bigger solar factor, considering the IPCC admits its “low level of understanding” of many of the Sun-Earth connections?

> Maybe you missed the request. You did, check your mentions and start keeping better track because I’m not your fucking secretary.

I have nearly an order of magnitude more twitter followers than you Brandon. There’s no chance of being able to find your needling in the giant haystack of mentions I get. If you have worthwhile criticism, state or link it now.

>I have nearly an order of magnitude more twitter followers

That your cock is bigger than mine does not give you permission to use my works without attribution, Rog. Bye bye now. Don’t return until you’ve completed your homework assignment: a more skillful AOGCM than CMIP5.

>That your cock is bigger than mine

I’m 6′ 8″ and all in proportion Brandon. Of course my cock’s bigger than yours. What work without attribution? This? Who asked you to do that work and specified the integration method? The Halstatt frequency filter is your subroutine, thanks for that; graphic updated for you.

> Who asked you to do that work and specified the integration method? Nobody asked me to do the work, I took it upon myself. The integration specification is yours with modifications most of which I suggested after exactly replicating your original much shorter test case.

I was genuinely happy that we were able to get past our barricades and collaborate on producing that plot Brandon. I sincerely hope we can go further with it together. You must realise that a 2300yr filter won’t affect a centennial length plot much though? This is still valid.

> I sincerely hope Why should I trust your sincerity when you already published my work without permission and without attribution, Rog. A further point is that I produced that plot as a *critique* of your method and an illustration of how to CHEAT to obtain a better fit.

You published it into the public domain onto twitter yourself Brandon. Remember? How else do you think I obtained it? And remember also that my SST model with projection to 2050 was published in 2012, six years ago! (Still performing well)

>public domain

That does not excuse you from making false representations them, Rog. The plots are the result of a method that is conceptually flawed, and I made them to illustrate those flaws. That you’d require laws to enforce your honesty damages your integrity severely.

  • For the 3rd time; A 2300 year filter (a solar-planetary period known as the Hallstatt which I identified and specified after you guesstimated a bi-millennial period), isn’t going to affect a centennial scale solar integration. Please test this assertion and plot the results.

Brandon R. Gates @brandonrgates

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It’s fucking disgusting. And I enjoy every moment of watching Rog continue to beshit himself with excuses like “public domain”. Time was a man’s word was his bond. Not so with self-servingly dishonest manchildren like Rog Tallbloke.

10:47 AM – 6 Nov 2018

>yes it’s dope-enhanced fatigue

Maybe you need to lay of the paranoia inducing skunk and check out something a bit mellower? Moroccan slate perhaps?

Brandon is a stoker????!!! Really? Explains everything!

via Tallbloke’s Talkshop


November 6, 2018 at 06:03AM

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