CNN Accused Of Spreading Meat-Is-Bad-For-You “Fake Science” …”CNN Reporter Should Know Better”

CNN and the Guardian just reported on a new study suggesting meat is bad for human health (even though humans and their ancestors have been eating and thriving on it for some 3 million years).

The authors also suggest that the healthy alternative is the vegan diet!

Meat tax “could save 220,000 lives per year”?

The team of scientists led by Dr. Marco Springmann who authored the new study published in the journal Public Library of Science ONE claim that a global meat tax “could save 220,000 lives and cut health care bills by $41 billion” a year.

The study’s authors assert that meat consumption increases risk of heart disease, cancer, stroke and diabetes, and is even “carcinogenic when eaten in processed forms, including sausages, bacon and beef jerky” and thus comparable to “cigarettes and alcohol”.

Dr. Marco Springmann is from the Nuffield Department of Population Health at Oxford University.

Springmann also claims: “Consuming red and processed meat not only affects your health but also the economy at large” due to “illness and care for family members who suffer with chronic disease.”

“Based on weak epidemiology”…”literally fake science”

However, since the paper was published, there’s been a hailstorm of criticism.

For example science journalist and the author of Big Fat Surprise, Nina Teicholz, tweeted that the results and recommendations made by Springmann are based on lousy science and “should never be used as a foundation for policy.”. At Twitter she wrote:

Lead author a vegan and climate activist!

Not only is the science dubious, but it turns out that the lead author of the paper itself is a vegan, and has also fallen for the junk science behind climate change!

Reader Simon Dwinder discovered the link:

And (leftist) reader tlcoles November 8, 2018 added:

The meaty, high-(good)fat diet worked fantastically for me

Personally 5 years ago I made the switch to the high fat, low junk-carb diet, eating plenty of butter, eggs, meat, nuts, cheese etc. and wound up losing 20 pounds and seeing my health return with full power. I no longer have to take any prescription medicines at all.

Vegan diet harbors huge health risks

Moreover, anyone doing the least amount of research will quickly discover that the vegan diet in many cases is a slow and tortuous suicide. Just ask KasumiKriss, who stopped being a vegan after four years and saw her health improve dramatically.

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November 9, 2018 at 10:21AM

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