“Cheery” Picking At The Poles

Kevin Pluck sent me over this map, his intention being to show me that the world is burning up outside of the US, particularly in the polar regions. And he accused me of “cheery-picking.”

A lot of climate alarmist trickery is based around the fact that humans don’t see blues as well as they do reds. So I increased the color saturation of his map, and projected it on to a sphere with equal area weighting. Now it becomes clear that there is a lot extremely cold air surrounding both poles. The jet stream is bringing cold air to the US, much of Canada, Russia, Greenland, Argentina and Brazil, and slightly warmer than normal air to the poles.

And the red-hot temperatures at the poles, are actually -30C.

Climate Reanalyzer

Climate alarmists should winter at the poles, and report back in the spring how hot it is.

Siberia cold: 88 below zero is even colder than Mars

via The Deplorable Climate Science Blog


December 3, 2018 at 09:12PM

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