Honest Search Engine!

The Honest Search is upgraded. It includes hundreds of trustworthy websites suppressed or hidden by Google (Breitbart, American Thinker, Daily Caller, Townhall, PJMedia, FreeBeacon, FrontPageMag, WUWT etc.), mainstream moderate-conservative publications (Foxnews, Forbes etc.), as well as specialized sites and blogs, related to the theme of this website.

The Honest Search is  a unique and indispensable tool for people of all political persuasions, who want to learn about:

–  events suppressed by Google and the so-called mainstream media

  • facts not reported by the MSM or buried by Google
  • opinions from conservatives, libertarians, and non-political patriots, expressed by themselves – not their strawman depictions or caricatures, promoted by Google

  • some technical and/or scientific background refuting climate alarmism, “Russian meddling” conspiracy theory, and the Obamanet hysteria

  • much more

The Honest Search still relies on the Google Custom Search Engine. On the positive side, it supports many Google search features and operators.

The Honest Search is not a replacement for general purpose search engines.

via Dealing with the Con in Consensus


December 5, 2018 at 12:56PM

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