Solar Science Shortchanged in Climate Models

“Indirect solar effects due to the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) radiation or cosmic rays from deep space could also contribute to global warming.”
– Ralph B. Alexander, PhD______________

Solar Science Shortchanged in Climate Models

Here are excerpts from an excellent essay by Ralph B. Alexander, PhD:

Spotless Sun

“The sun gets short shrift in the computer climate models used to buttress the mainstream view of anthropogenic (human-caused) global warming,” writes Alexander. “That’s because the climate change narrative, which links warming almost entirely to our emissions of greenhouse gases, trivializes the contributions to global warming from all other sources. According to its Fifth Assessment Report, the IPCC attributes no more than a few percent of total global warming to the sun’s influence.”

“That may be the narrative but it’s not one universally endorsed by solar scientists,” Alexander continues, pointing to mathematical physicist Nicola Scafetta. Scafetta maintains that “the sun has a significant influence on the climate.”

“I’ve long felt sorry for solar scientists, whose once highly respectable field of research before climate became an issue has been marginalized by the majority of climate scientists,” says Alexander. “And solar scientists who are climate change skeptics have had to endure not only loss of prestige, but also difficulty in obtaining research funding because their work doesn’t support the consensus on global warming. But it appears that the tide may be turning at last.”

“Judging from recent scientific publications, the number of papers affirming a strong sun-climate link is on the rise.”

See all of Dr Alexander’s essay here:


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