Breaking The Rules Of Science: Potsdam Researchers Concoct, Blame Extreme Cold On Global Warming!

The non-falsifiable climate catastrophe: No matter if it’s hot or cold – it always has got to be global warming

By Die kalte Sonne
(Text translated by P Gosselin)

The Central European heat summer of 2018 was a feeding frenzy for the followers of the climate disaster. The media turned it into sensational news and clearly saw climate change at work.

And then came the winter. In the US, this year (2018) saw one of the coldest Thanksgiving holidays of the past 100 years. That did not suit the PIK at all. Quickly there was a press release (22/11/2018) that blamed the cold spell on global warming:

Winter weather extremes in the US and Europe: messing with giant airstreams in the stratosphere
Over Thanksgiving, arctic air masses are predicted to bring record-cold temperatures and frigid winds to the Northeast of the United States. Driver for such winter weather extremes is often the stratospheric polar vortex, a band of fast moving winds 30 kilometers above the ground. In winter, when the polar vortex is disturbed by upward-blowing air masses, this can bring cold spells over Northeastern America or Eurasia, a new study now shows. And paradox as it might seem, climate change might further disrupt the complex dynamics in the atmosphere – bringing us not only more hot extremes in summer but potentially also cold spells in winter.”

Read more here.

No matter if it’s hot or cold, it always has to be global warming. The crazy world of climate alarm. If one follows this logic, there is no single weather condition that could refute the concept. The climate catastrophe model can not be falsified, no matter what the weather. This indeed breaks an important principle of science.

But to ensure the well-being of mankind, scientific sacrifices must be made. With autocratic climate rule breaking all the laws of science is standard procedure.

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December 14, 2018 at 11:49AM

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