U.N. conference climate alarmists out of touch with energy reality as world’s nations embrace increased use of fossil fuels

Guest essay by Larry Hamlin

The L. A. Times published an article addressing a panel discussion at the latest U.N. climate alarmist confab in Poland touting protests by attendees regarding the need for continued use of fossil fuels.


The Times article noted that the protesters were demanding actions for the conference to embrace the climate alarmist views of the most recent UN IPCC climate report:

“Protesters on Monday disrupted the Trump administration’s only official event at the U.N. climate conference — a panel defending fossil fuels — with laughter and chants of “Keep it in the ground.”

“The panel embracing coal, natural gas and nuclear power highlighted the United States’ near-outlier status as nearly 200 other nations worked to address scientists’ warnings.”

“Other nations wanted the conference to “welcome” the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report warning the dangers of global warming are coming faster than predicted. The four oil- and gas-exporting nations wanted the conference to merely “note” the existence of the report, which strongly suggested drastically cutting fossil-fuel emissions by 2030 to mitigate the worst effects of climate change.”

However the panel presenters from the U.S. delegation wanted to address the importance of the continued need for future global fossil fuel use:

“The U.S. political delegation had come to the conference to promote what the Trump administration calls its “balanced approach” to energy security and accessibility, environmental protection and economic development, Griffith said. The U.S. planned to continue to supply energy to the rest of the world with coal, natural gas and nuclear power, he said. He cautioned several times against “alarmism” over climate change.”

“All too often at meetings like these, alarmism displaces pragmatic solutions to address energy and environmental concerns,” he said.”

Most of the conference attendees believe that the U.S. is out of touch with what they claim as the global “transformation” to alarmist driven climate and energy policy.

“The administration is out of step with the transformation happening across the country and the world,” said Lou Leonard, the World Wildlife Fund’s senior vice president for climate change and energy.”

However real world global energy use data (Mtoe units) clearly shows it is the U.N. conference climate alarmist attendees that are out of touch with energy and climate reality as demonstrated by the latest energy use data contained in the World Energy Outlook report of 2018 from the International Energy Agency as presented in an article by the Global Warming Policy Forum.



The GWPF articles notes that:

“It is perfectly true that the proportional increase in modern renewables, the “Other” category represented by the thin red line at the top of the chart is a significant multiple of the starting base, but even this increase is disappointing given the subsidies involved, and in any case it is almost completely swamped by the increase in overall energy consumption, and that of fossil fuels in particular. Renewables in total, modern renewables plus biofuels and waste and hydro, amounted to about 13% of Total Primary Energy in 1971, and in 2016 are almost unchanged at somewhat under 14%. Thirty years of deployment, almost half of that time under increasingly strong post-Kyoto policies, has seen the proportion of renewable energy in the world’s primary energy input creep up by about one percentage point.”

“It should therefore come as no surprise to anybody that emissions not only continue to rise, but have recently started to increase at the highest rate for several years, a point that is revealed in the latest release of the Global Carbon Budget, 2018 and can be conveniently illustrated in the chart derived from this paper’s data and published in the coverage of the Financial Times.


The World Energy Outlook 2018 report on energy use data complements the Global Carbon Project 2018 emissions data which shows that both cumulative and incremental global CO2 emissions estimates are driven by significantly increased use of fossil fuels despite decades of global government driven mandates with hundreds of billions in subsidizes pushing high cost unreliable renewables.


The L. A. Times continues to push scientifically unsupported politically contrived climate alarmist propaganda views of global energy and climate that are clearly out of touch with real world reality.

via Watts Up With That?


December 15, 2018 at 08:05AM

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