JFK Warren Commission greatest evidence/witness tampering in US since WWII

With some holiday reading time coming up I dug out my copy of “Rush to Judgment” the 1966 book by Lawyer Mark Lane (RIP) recording his patient re-examination of JFK assassination witnesses encouraging them to truthfully tell what they witnessed and to pass on their experiences of the Warren process and being questioned by Govt agents. Lane took the view that Oswald deserved a defence attorney and he sought to record the truth in that role. Well it is all easier now to access “Rush to Judgment” because there is a text searchable and copy n pasteable 440 page pdf of the entire 1966 book for download which is only 1.7MB – so you could read it on a mobile phone. My book is from 1992 and includes a section on the Oliver Stone Hollywood movie “JFK” in which ML nicely explains sections from “JFK” that are complete fabrications and other sections where the setting might have been altered but the dialogue and impression conveyed relates OK to what witnesses saw & said in 1963/64.
The Warren Commission guided by Govt agencies fairly quickly settled on the following basic storyline and did not vary much from that.
12.30pm 22 Nov 1963 “Lone Nut” Lee Harvey Oswald shot JFK three times from the Texas School Book Depository in Dealey Plaza Dallas.
1.15pm 22 Nov 1963 “Lone Nut” Lee Harvey Oswald shot and killed Officer Tippit of the Dallas PD at Oak Cliff a suburb ~6 miles miles from Dealey Plaza.
11.21am 24 Nov 1963 “Lone Nut” Lee Harvey Oswald was shot on TV News by another “Lone Nut”, Jack Ruby a local strip joint owner; as LHO was being transferred from the Dallas PD to the County Jail. Ruby was a well known police and Govt Agency informant with decades of mob background and had been known to run guns to Cuba.
Oswald was thought to be transferred around 10am but Ruby was at a Western Union office at 11.17am then walked to and down the sloping driveway to the guarded Dallas PD basement where he was quickly able to shoot the tethered Oswald who was being held for few seconds while police waited on a car to back into place.
1964 Ruby wanted the Warren Commission to take him to DC where he said he would feel safer singing but Warren left him in Dallas and he died on 3 Jan 1967 in the Dallas Jail.
More later – feel free to start discussions on your pet subjects.

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December 19, 2018 at 05:04PM

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