Merry Christmas with Carols For Coal :-)

Thanks to readers who responded to the request to respond to the  Carols against Coal. After the gripping thrill of “We Wish You a Steady Climate“, get ready for a treat.  Here’s draft one of Christmas Carols to Warm the World. Forgive the odd blasphemy, there are some absolute gems lines here. With a little more fine tuning I see lots of potential — a book for next Christmas? Thank you to the star contributors!

Merry Christmas to everyone. — Jo

Tides of Mudgee:  O Come All Ye Warmists

Oh come all ye warmists You think you’re so triumphant Oh come on, admit it now, you’re wrong, wrong, wrong Climate is changing, But we are not the cause of it. We cannot change the CO2, It doesn’t drive the temperature, The biggest lie in history Christ I’m bored.


Reed Coray — Jingle Coal

Burning all that coal Warms our very soul o’er the lumps we roll Staying warm’s our goal.

Watching Gaia squirm Maybe even burn Looking for a fight Makes our spirits bright.

Doing what we should Even all we could Doing plants much good Better coal than wood

Laughing at our peers Holding […]

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December 25, 2018 at 12:02AM

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