More wind and solar than SA can use — we threw away 10% of the generation

But we have so much wind power, too much, that in South Australia the AEMO had to intervene to curtail excess wind and solar generation. (This curtailment wouldn’t need to happen if people weren’t so persnickety about blackouts. Honestly, South Australia where are the Blackouts to save the world!)

This graph is from the Quarter 3 AEMO report for 2018. It is technically about both wind and solar, but it appears to be mostly wind. Solar is not a star player in Q3 because it’s winter.

Would we put up with any other industrial output that had such a dismal performance. Imagine this was your car….

AEMO Quarter 3 report page 7

Synchronous generation is the kind that comes from machines that spin at 50 Hz (like coal, gas, hydro, nukes). These keep the system stable. Happy happy.

Ten percent of all the wind and solar power had to be thrown away in SA because there wasn’t enough reliable back up power to guarantee the stability of the system.

During Q3 2018, total curtailments of non-synchronous generation (large-scale wind and solar farms) in South Australia increased to around 150 GWh (or 10% of South Australian non-synchronous generation) […]

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January 1, 2019 at 12:05PM

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