Quote of the week: @EricHolthaus calls for seizure of U.S. energy industry

This is epic. Perhaps Eric wasn’t in a lucid frame of mind when he wrote this, or then again, given his political leanings, maybe he was.

His Tweet was in response to Trump’s consideration of a “National Emergency” over illegal immigration and the border wall, and he pivots that to one of the most draconian calls to action I’ve ever seen.

Yes, Eric wants to “force those mf’ers to start building wind turbines and solar panels”.

Apparently he’s out of the loop.

British Petroleum had a whole division called “BP Solar“. In 2010, it closed down the factory at Frederick, Maryland. BP Solar was closed on 21 December 2011 when BP announced its departure from the solar energy business.

Apparently, it wasn’t “sustainable” as we noted on WUWT at the time: Shocker: BP quits solar power industry

Wind turbines? How about Shell’s wind division?

Shell’s onshore wind portfolio includes four joint venture interests spanning six operating wind projects, all of which are 50:50 non-operated ventures (NOVs). Our share of the energy capacity from our US projects is about 425 megawatts. Shell also maintains 50% interest in one offshore wind park, NoordZee Wind, in the Netherlands.

I think what Eric meant was to “force those mf’ers to end oil use and use ONLY wind turbines and solar panels”.

How would that work out?

Well, not so well, as Richard D. Patton pointed out January 1st:

Can wind and solar replace fossil fuels?

In a word, no.


via Watts Up With That?


January 8, 2019 at 03:40PM

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