More winter storms sweep across southern Germany and Austria

Bavarian snow scene [credit: BBC]

They’re now reporting ‘the heaviest snowfalls in 20 years’ as the weather chaos continues. The sheer weight of snow is a big problem. Greece and Turkey have also been badly hit.

Meters more snow are forecast to fall on southern Germany and Austria over the next week, says

A child hit by a tree in Bavaria was the latest person to die in weather-related events.

In Austria at least eight people have died since the weekend, and a 9-year-old child was killed near Munich on Thursday when a tree collapsed under the weight of the snow.

The heaviest snowfalls in 20 years have covered southern Germany and Austria and parts of Czechia over the last week. Transport on road and rail has been affected, mainly by snow-laden trees.

‘Completely buried’

Reporting from the Austrian town Altaussee, DW correspondent Amien Essif described the town as “completely buried” in snow. He said it felt like “walking trough a tunnel [with] walls of snow twice as tall as I am.”

“This Alpine town has been half evacuated — authorities believe an avalanche could happen any time,” Essif tweeted. “Even the mayor left his home.”

Hundreds of drivers spent Wednesday night in their vehicles in southern Germany as a snow storm trapped them on their journey. Police said lorries slid on the motorway, blocking traffic over a 35-kilometer stretch.

Train travel across the south and east of Germany was affected by the snow, mainly due to fallen trees. Affected airports, including Munich and Frankfurt, canceled some flights due to the inclement weather.

Catastrophe areas

Up in the Alps near the border with Austria at Berchtesgaden, 2 meters of snow has already fallen and the resort was declared a catastrophe area on Thursday.

Further up the mountain at Buchenhöhe, the German military organized special deliveries of food to the cut-off resort.

Continued here.

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January 11, 2019 at 05:57AM

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