Austria – Heaviest snowfall in a century brings chaos to ski resorts

Three meters of snow (almost 10 feet) fell in just 48 hours in parts of the country, with another three feet – or more! – on the way.

Another meter or more (more than 3 ft) was forecast to fall on Saturday and Sunday alone.
Towns and villages cut off

The resort of Obergurgl was inaccessible earlier this week because snow overwhelmed efforts to clear the roads, according to James Cove, editor of snow sports news site, Planet Ski.  Cove added that some lifts in nearby Ischgl were stopped because they were completely buried in places.

Which would you prefer? Austrian Alps-12Jan19 – Courtesy Planet Ski

With roads closed and rail lines shut down, ski resorts are inaccessible, stymieing both arriving and (non) departing skiers.

Yesterday the army was brought in to help with clear-up and to deliver supplies to towns and villages that were cut off.

See video:

Since New Years Day, there has been an “unprecedented” amount of snow.

Ski resorts are cut off

See amazing photos and videos on planetski facebook page:

They’re calling it ‘snowmageddon,’ sometimes dumping 20-30cm (8 to 12 inches) of snow in just a couple of hours.

Austria snow: what it’s like in ski resorts after extreme winter weather hits the Alps

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