Open NEM now has charts of grid generation from 2005

Credit where due to the people behind Open Nem. Now 15 years of electricity generation history by each state from the north. Most of my comments are from viewing with settings at “All” and “Month” but it is easy to checked other periods.

Qld shows increasing demand over the entire period. At the end of 2014 coal starts increasing at the expense of gas. Solar has increased steadily from 2011.

NSW shows a decline in demand 2008-2013. Solar and wind have increased steadily from 2011. Gas looks to be decreasing over 5 years or so.

Vic shows a decline in demand 2008-2017. Exports fell and imports increased after Hazelwood closed in Autumn 2017. WindGen has increased from ~2009. Solar has increased steadily from 2011.

SA demand has reduced since 2010. WindGen has increased since commencing 2007. Solar has increased steadily from 2011. The closure of coal in 2016 marked an increase in imports and GasGen. Then when Hazelwood closed in Autumn 2017 imports fell and SA GasGen increased further. The Battery is between Wind & Gas.

Tas demand jumped in 2009 with the increase provided for mainly by GasGen. Demand has increased slightly since 2009. WindGen commenced in 2009 and the peak year was 2016. Solar is very minor but increasing. Increased exports taking advantage of the carbon tax shows clearly. The ending of GasGen in mid-2014 shows clearly. The Dec-2015 to mid-2016 Basslink outage stands out as does the GasGen brought back into service then with minor distillate use for the portable gensets. In winter last year rainfall allowed a surge of exports.

via Errors in IPCC climate science

January 13, 2019 at 07:19PM

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