If the science is settled

“Many people in the American govt today do not realize they are being duped into supporting globalist ideology.”
– Wm Craig Barnard


Wm. Craig Barnard

If the science is settled, why are so many scientists now coming forward with contrarian views that support climate change that leans to the cold extreme rather than the warm?

Too many scientists are speaking up and the proof is in the sky’s. We see stronger earthquakes, more frequent volcanic eruptions and the longer-term scientific material like many of the great graphs shown in this web site (iceagenow.info) are blowing the lid off their fallacy.

Lets think about something that isn’t widely discussed. Why are governments so hell bent on pushing global warming as climate change? If they had a true interest in helping their citizens prepare for these devastating events wouldn’t it be far better to inform us that cold is coming and they need money from us to help us prepare? Forty eight years ago when 30 scientists went to the UN and asked to make a presentation with a warning that a severe cold period that had the potential to be for en extended period of time was to start in 50 years, why didn’t they let them make the announcement to the world community?

Could it be that the world community, more specifically those who promote globalism and population decreases do not want us to be prepared?

Here is a bit of fact many may not be aware of, The UN granted the presentation 2 or 3 years later, but only after another theory was ready to be presented. That theory was a global warming theory and it was supported by some organization that was then identified by letters. It was reported it had very deep pockets and it’s core mission was to depopulate the globe. The two are not mutually exclusive. They are united.

The information I just typed is from my own memory. I was in school at the time and our science professor was very interested in this information and kept us informed. He showed us many articles with pro’s and con’s to the information including many articles with comic like images of the world covered in ice.

There was a full blown effort by those who wanted to misdirect the worlds population from the truth. Many people in the American govt today do not realize they are being duped into supporting globalist ideology. They are very dangerous to our family’s future as well as our Republics.

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January 17, 2019 at 03:14AM

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