Claim: Record snow ‘likely a consequence of global warming’

Alps weather: Heavy snow cuts off ski resorts
[image credit: BBC News]

‘Here we go again’ says Climate Depot. ‘Climate activists are once again claiming that *global warming* is causing record-breaking snow.’ Forgetting perhaps that it has to be cold to snow, otherwise moisture falls as rain. Also forgetting their earlier claims that Alpine snow would tend to disappear for exactly the reason that is now supposed to make it worse.  

UK Guardian By Kate Ravilious
Excerpt: Look at all that snow in the Alps; has global warming taken a break?

Alas, no, it turns out that the recent record-breaking dumps of snow across much of southern Germany, Switzerland and Austria are more likely a consequence of global warming.

Why? Balmy temperatures in the North Sea and Baltic Sea are cooking up the ideal conditions to create snow.

Right now, average surface water temperatures in the North Sea are about 8C (46F), while the Baltic Sea is hovering at about 3C (37F).

It might sound bracing, but as data from the Danish Meteorological Institute shows, these numbers are a good couple of degrees warmer than average for the time of year.

And herein lies the problem. “Global warming enhances the current snowfall … Anomalously high sea surface temperatures in the North Sea and Baltic are loading winds from the north with moisture,” tweeted Stefan Rahmstorf of the University of Potsdam last week.

Continued here.

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January 23, 2019 at 03:40AM

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