French Doctors on Yellow Vest Carbon Tax Protestors: “Alarming” Number of Injuries

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

French Doctors have sounded the alarm over apparent rough treatment by security forces of yellow vest protestors marching against President Macron’s carbon tax.

Doctors Say Number of Serious Injuries Inflicted on Yellow Vests Unprecedented

Chris Tomlinson
23 Jan 2019

Doctors, activists and others are sounding the alarm over the number of serious injuries suffered by Gilets Jaunes (Yellow Vest) movement activists at the hands of police during the past several weeks.

The French Interior Ministry has claimed that in the first nine weeks of the Yellow Vest protests around 1,800 protesters and 1,000 police officers have been injured but have not separated out those with serious injuries, L’Express reports.

Doctors in France’s emergency rooms say that some of the injuries have been extremely serious, blaming the police use of “flash-ball” shots which have led to some of the most serious injuries, including at least four protestors, two of them women, who have lost an eye and suffered some form of disfigurement.

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Flash-ball weapons fire large plastic or rubber bullets with the force of a .38, but since the balls are larger than a .38 they are far less likely to penetrate flesh. Nevertheless they are capable of inflicting severe injuries, especially if they hit someone’s head.

I personally think French politicians are out of their minds for fixating on advancing climate action at the expense of social stability.

History suggests that rough treatment of people with a legitimate and painful grievance rarely quells the unrest; a more likely possibility is that French people subject to such brutality will tool up and retaliate against security forces with their own weapons, leading to escalation and possible civil war.

via Watts Up With That?

January 24, 2019 at 10:06PM

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