Wind Power Down To 0.7%

By Paul Homewood






As many have been pointing out as the day has gone along, things have been getting pretty tight on the power grid. Above is the current situation at 5.30pm.

Wind power has supplied little all day, and is currently running at under 2% of capacity. Solar power of course is effectively irrelevant at this time of year.

Meanwhile, CCGT has been running flat out, and so too is nuclear given that Hunterston is currently shut down.

The government intends to close all coal power plants by 2025, which can realistically only be replaced by 13GW of CCGT, about half of our total capacity now, and equivalent to fifteen Carrington power stations.

Construction of Carrington took three years, but planning added a further five years.

Given that there is very little in the pipeline at the moment for new CCGT and the uncertainty surrounding future capacity auctions thanks to the ECJ, there seems to be little prospect that anything like 13GW will be available by 2025, or for that matter many years after.


January 24, 2019 at 12:19PM

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