Townsville floods & rainfall history

I see this morning that Ross River dam levels @ the spillway have reduced 0.25m overnight.
The ABC had this map of flood levels tweeted from Townsville local govt.- first useful map I had seen in a week but I can not find the source. Tables rain history – Townsville Aero monthly rain from 1941 – and Townsville Pilot Station monthly rain from 1871 1951
You can make charts of Jan and Feb rainfall history from each site. Interesting to speculate how much water is wasting to sea from this event. Using this map of weekly rain I did a rough calc. that a minimum area 150 x 50km = 7500 sq km might have shed an excess 0.3m of rain to the sea which would = 2,250GL or 3.75 years of typical Sydney annual water consumption(600GL). I expect the real numbers will be more than twice that. If anybody can produce better figures for rivers outflow to the sea – please do.

via Errors in IPCC climate science

February 3, 2019 at 06:16PM

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