Japan Winter Temperatures, Typhoons Both Defy Alarmist Predictions As 30-Year Trends Go The Other Way

By Kirye






Since the global warming scare started some 30 years ago, Japan’s winters in fact have have not been warming – but rather many areas show the opposite is happening: cooling.

January in Japan no warming in over 30 years

For Japan as a whole, the entire country has not seen any rise in January mean temperature over the past 30 years, according to data from the Japanese Meteorology Agency (JMA):

As the chart above shows, if anything, Japan mean January temperature has been falling a bit, thus contrdicting the warming claims of climate alarmists.

Cooling Kyoto

January in Kyoto has been cooling over the past 30 years, as the following chart shows, even as atmospheric CO2 concentrations have risen from about 350 ppm back in 1985 to over 410 ppm today:

No trend at Naze in 33 years

The same is true for the south Japan station of Naze:

Naze has seen slight January cooling over the 33 years – not warming!

Wintry Hokkaido stays that way

In northern Japan, the month of January has also gotten slightly colder over the past 30 years, as shown by measurements taken at the Suttsu station in Hokkaido:


Overall, January today in Suttsu is at about the same level as it was more than 100 years ago.

Same is true at Okinawa

Moving far south to the Nago station in Okinawa, here as well we see that January mean tenmperatures have been cooling, and not warming like climate activists insisted it would.

Japan refuses to cooperate with the global warming “science”:

By now many people should be awaiting an explanation as to why the trend has behaved the opposite of what has been predicted for decades by CO2 global warming scientists.

Cooling near Nagasaki

The trend for January at the Sasebo station near Nagasaki over the past 32 years has also seen a steady linear decline:

How can anyone in the Japanese media be speaking about rapid warming over the recent years? Much of the climate news in Japan are of poor quality, unfortunately, as they continue to make people believe it’s warming when it is in fact not.

Japan’s winters have seen no trend

Okay, the charts show trends for the month of January, the dead of winter. So what about the complete winter in japan from December through February? Here as well we see no warming at all across Japan:

The untampered data from the Japanese Meteorological Agency (JMA) shows the Japan’s winters have not warmed at all in over three decades.

Typhoons have also become more infrequent

In general many other factors have not cooperated with the many predictions made by global warming scientists. One important example is typhoons, which we were told would become more frequent and intense. But here’s the typhoon data from the JMA:

In summary, lots of hype about warming in Japan, yet the data haven’t shown it in over 3 decades.

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February 6, 2019 at 06:04AM

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