Gummer To Be Investigated By Commissioner For Standards in House of Lords

By Paul Homewood

This is hot off the press:


It has been officially announced that John Gummer/AKA Lord Deben is now the subject of an inquiry by the Commissioner for Standards in the House of Lords, for alleged breach of the Code in relation to registration and declaration of interests.

This follows the revelation that his family company has benefited to the tune of £600k of income from companies which stand to make profit directly  from the advice to the government from the Commission on Climate Change. which Gummer chairs.

My understanding is that the inquiry does not relate specifically to this. It would appear though that Gummer has made several speeches in the House of Lords, to similar effect to the advice already given to government, without declaring his financial interests in the matter.

This is potentially a far more serious accusation than any potential misconduct at the CCC, as Parliament takes such matters much more seriously.

Without wanting to prejudge the issue, it is hard to see how Gummer can hang onto his role at the CCC for much longer.

Watch this space!


February 8, 2019 at 04:19PM

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