Kids To Strike For The Climate!

By Paul Homewood


h/t Joe Public/Patsy Lacey/Robin Guenier



Shock news from the Guardian – Children want to bunk off school for the day!



The school climate strikes that have led to tens of thousands of young people taking to the streets around the world over recent months are poised to arrive in the UK next Friday.

Thousands of pupils are expected to walk out of lessons at schools and colleges across the country amid growing concern about the escalating climate crisis.

The movement started in August when the 16-year-old schoolgirl Greta Thunberg held a solo protest outside Sweden’s parliament. Now, up to 70,000 schoolchildren each week are taking part in 270 towns and cities worldwide.

Individual protests have been held in the UK, but next week a coordinated day of action is expected to result in walkouts in more than 30 towns and cities – from Lancaster to Truro, and Ullapool to Leeds.

Jake Woodier, of the UK Youth Climate Coalition, which is helping to coordinate the strikes, said Greta’s message about the need for radical, urgent change had struck a chord with hundreds of thousand of young people in the UK.

“The images of what Greta did and then the huge strikes by schoolchildren in other countries have been widely shared by young people on social media and have really inspired people.”


One wonders why they don’t hold these protest marches at weekends. (Silly me- nobody would turn up, the kids would have better things to do, like playing on their X-Boxes!)

Meanwhile the hard left wing head teachers union seem to think it is a good idea to encourage kids and parents to break the law:




Perhaps, if the children really are concerned about the climate, they could make a really positive contribution by walking to school instead of arriving in mummy’s car, throwing away their i-Pads, Nintendos and smart phones, and donating their pocket money the UN’s climate fund.


February 11, 2019 at 06:24AM

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